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Hypothyroidism and its various treatment approaches

The conventional model of treatment is based on supplementing the hormone that is deficient in the body.

There are other modes of treatment too, practiced by alternative health professionals who do so by providing certain natural thyroid hormone supplements.

Here are some of the common forms of treatments

Treatment Using T4 (Thyroxine) Supplementation
This is the most common mode of treatment practiced by majority of the doctors. T4 is the non active form of thyroid hormone and it is believed that the body cells can convert it to T3, the active thyroid hormone. Various prescriptions medicines such as Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothyroxine etc. are used to supplement T4.

Treatment Using Iodine Supplementation
Another common method to treat hypothyroidism is by using iodine supplements. This method is based on the belief that all cases of hypothyroidism manifested as goiter are caused due to iodine deficiency. However, this may be the case historically, but nowadays, majority of cases of goiter are caused due to excessive estrogen hormone preventing the release of thyroid hormones from the thyroid gland. 

Treatment of Hypothyroidism: The Natural Way
What you eat has a great impact on your thyroid gland and its optimal function. Eating the right foods can actually correct the underlying problem in your thyroid gland. Eating right also involves avoiding those foods which may cause a negative impact on the functioning of your thyroid gland. One such food is soy as it increases the production of estrogen hormone in your body which in turn leads to hypothyroidism.

A 3 step approach

Step 1: Dietary modifications
A well balanced and nutritious diet is very important to maintain healthy body and mind including the thyroid gland. The functioning of thyroid gland is disrupted if you do not take all the necessary nutrients required by your body in your diet. Apart from eating the necessary nutrients, dietary modifications also involve avoiding those foods which inhibit the functioning of thyroid gland thereby leading to hypothyroidism.

Step 2: Lifestyle Modifications
Stress plays an important role in inhibiting the functioning of thyroid gland. Hence, controlling stress through various lifestyle modifications can go a long way in healing your thyroid gland.

Step 3: Balanced Hormonal Levels
Our body's hormonal system is very complex and intertwined. Hence, if level of one hormone is off track as in hypothyroidism, it also affects the levels of several other hormones. The dietary and lifestyle modifications though work in maintaining this balance; still, your body may require some temporary hormonal supplements to speed up the process of healing of the thyroid gland.

Advantages of Following this Natural Dietary and Lifestyle Approach to Treat Hypothyroidism:

1.Symptoms of hypothyroidism start improving thus leading to a better quality of life. However the improvement is gradual and not overnight.

2.There is gradual increase in body energy and motivation.

3.One of the important symptoms of hypothyroidism is mental fogginess due to improper sugar storage. Glucose or sugar is vital for the functioning of brain. One of the biggest improvements with this approach that the sugar storage functions of liver improves providing the much needed sugar to brain. Hence, your mental fogginess gives way to mental clarity.

4.You are able to decrease both the physical and mental stress levels, thereby increasing your capability to handle stress of any kind.

5.You will also decrease your risk of developing various types of cancer apart from getting cured of hypothyroidism.

6.If you are overweight, you will be able to gradually lose weight and also manage it in the long run. Most of the weight loss programs prevalent today put much stress on the body, including the thyroid gland, thus suppressing it. As a result your metabolism slow down and makes the weight loss difficult and temporary. However by following the natural approach, your hormones become normal and your metabolism is increased. As a result you lose weight gradually and permanently.


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